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2 Hour Workout Week

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Step 1.


60 seconds a day away from a 6 pack.


Lay on your back raise your feet 6 inches off the ground. At the same time squeeze your abs and hold your lower back on the ground. (So there is no space or bridge between you lower back and floor)


You do not have to sweat. You do have to take your lower abs to the point of failure. Raise your shoulders and head a bit so you back is flat on the floor. (This is the key)


Cut out all starches, bread and pasta. If you’re going to eat carbs make sure it is fruit, vegetables or small amount of whole grain wheat.


Eat as many grilled vegetables as you want. Zucchini, Mushrooms, Grilled Chicken and use a lot of spices or Cholula hot sauce to add flavor.


You will tone down and get in better shape doing this compared to running on a treadmill and going to eat a bag of flaming hot Cheetos.



Step 2.

30 minutes a day 4 days a week to being ripped out of your mind!


2 Hour Workout Week


Ever see the same people in the gym working away for hours upon hours and years upon years with little to no results? Are you of them? That’s ok you’ve taken the first step and have proven your willing to put in the time to get in amazing shape and sustainable shape for the rest of your life.




Example Workout


You Say Push Downs I Say Pull Downs

Use a weight you can do with solid form for 30 to 50 reps. Email us for technique questions. 4 sets of 30-50 with 30 second rest in between sets. First set is a bit of a warm up. Next 3 sets you must completely reach failure and then push yourself even further. Last set give yourself 2 second rest and keep doing as many as you can until failure. Triceps are 2/3 of your arm. LET’S GO!  (6 Minutes total)

Rest 4 minutes


3 Minute Biceps 

Palms up the whole time. Full extension. Use a weight you can do 20 on each arm comfortably but still a bit of a challenge. 5,10, 15, or 20lbs dumbbells is usually used for this unless you are a body builder or athlete. Use your own judgement. Push yourself


20 seconds on full blast as fast as you possibly can 4X with 20 seconds rest each set

Start to finish time (2 min 40 seconds exactly)

Rest 4 Minutes


Just be careful and do not let your arm explode


Shoulder Dumbbell Complex

Rear Deltoid Raises, Front Deltoid Raises, Side Deltoid Raises, Row Ups, Outer bicep curl with shoulder press ups 6 reps each for total of 30 reps. Rest 1 minute and repeat for total of 2 sets Start to finish time (3-4 minutes)

Rest 4 Minutes


Super Ab Complex


Insane Ab Workout in 4 minutes. Technique is very important. This is a very difficult part of the workout but will take no longer than (5 minutes). Please read instructions on video.


-Bicycle Full Ups

-Full V-Ups

-Toe Touches

-Hip Pop Ups (hold on the way down if you can)

60 reps each



YOU CAN DO THIS! 30 minutes a day to the most confident you have ever felt in your life. You will notice a big difference within 4 weeks. This workout is perfect for those who travel a lot and are pressed for time. Or if you just want to maximize your time here on earth and get the most out of your life. Start living and DO THIS!!! 













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