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6 Places to Never Store Your Phone While Running

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Most people have an attachment disorder when it comes to their phones. Scared to death that they’ll miss one call, text or photo op, or God forbid, they get a “like” on Instagram and miss it. There is no way they’ll set their phones down for a quick run. While having a phone on you while you run is a great safety measure, or salvation when your exhausted and need to call for a ride home. There are a few places never to store your phone while your running.


 1. Waistband

You might assume that a great spot to stash your phone is in the waistband of your shorts. The risk of your phone either popping out of your waistband and hitting the pavement or slipping down your shorts to your nether regions is high.  Neither of these end results is desirable.



There are marathon runners out there who carry their phone in their hands for the full race. Crazy, isn’t it? Carrying your phone in your hand while you run, may be convenient for impromptu selfies, or photo ops of the wicked view, but when your focus is on the finish line, the last thing you should be worrying about is your phone slipping out of your sweaty hand.


3. Thigh

Have you heard that duct tape the best to use when taping your phone to your leg? Not only would this be incredibly painful when you rip the hairs off your thigh when removing your phone, but the risk of having your phone chafe your skin as it rubs against you while you run is high. Save the duct tape for home repairs.


4. Shoe

It’s no surprise that if your feet are constantly pounding the pavement, your phone will eventually end up on the pavement if you store your phone in your shoe. For the safety and well-being of your phone, keep it out of your shoe.


5. Sock

Tucking your phone into your compression socks may seem like a fantastic spot to store your phone, but you lose the true benefits of the sock when you stash your bulky phone in it. You’ll be comfortably compressed in one calf while the other has a phone squashed and imprinted into it. Not and enjoyable way to end a run.


 6. Sports Bra

Ladies, I’m sure most of you have tried this before. While your sports bra does a fantastic job of keeping your girls safe and secure, it is not advised to store you phone here. Your chest can produce copious amounts of sweat while you run, running the risk of your phone getting waterlogged with sweat.


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