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6 Reasons to Start Wearing Compression Shorts

Posted by The Bro Company on
1. Compression

Compression shorts provide the most support to muscles by applying compression. This support makes your strides more efficient by limiting the muscle movements while taking each stride. This is similar to the therapeutic compression found in medical-grade compression garments. To achieve this, they have a high spandex content and are about 15 percent smaller than their standard athletic counterparts. Range of motion, however, is not restricted due to the smaller size.


2. Increased Circulation

The compressive action of these shorts has been shown to improve circulation, which in turn reduces the amount of oxygen used. Increases oxygenation of these working muscles, improves performance and decreases the chance of muscle fatigue post-exercise.


3. Reduction of Muscle Fatigue

Lactate build-up is associated with muscle fatigue. The removal of lactate in the muscles is achieved by the circulatory system. When circulation is improved, lactate removal is increased, reducing muscle fatigue and improving performance.


4. Reduction in Chafing

The compression helps to prevent the legs rubbing against each other, and rubbing against sensitive man parts. As well, the well placed flat seams and soft material drastically reduces the amount of chafing.


5. Temperature control

The material used in compression shorts is designed to wick the sweat away from the body. Because the sweat evaporates quickly, the body stays cooler. The athletic performance of the wearer increases as the body’s ability to thermoregulate is controlled.


6. Phone Pocket

The Bro II Compression Shorts have a Smartphone pocket placed on the hip. You can forget about worrying where to put your phone while you run, bike or workout. Your phone stays conveniently tight to your body, no flopping around or hitting the ground.

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