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Compression Shorts With Pockets

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The II Bro Original Invention: Any phone fits perfectly in our intelligently designed tight pocket, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note etc.

The II Bro Inspiration: Our original inventor and designer of The II Bro, played football for 15 years. After playing in the NFL for one season, and the CFL for two, he had an abundance of workout shorts (football shorts) with no pockets. Who really wants to workout with shorts with baggy pockets? The II Bro is designed to be snug and comfortable, and to keep your phone tight against your hip.

The II Bro In Action: Now, for the first time, you have your phone & music kept safe & tight against your hip. The days of your smart phone flopping around your pocket are over. Your phone is now positioned perfectly against your hip to provide you with the best range of motion.